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Hidden Power Newsletter

Hidden Power newsletter is absolutely free to subscribers (unlike other Elements newsletters). It compiles news and information for Elements and Hidden Power users from information posted by Richard from articles, related web sites and forums, and in the Hidden Power blog. The newsletter is posted to the website and notice of the content is delivered by email to all subscribers when it becomes available. Subscribing to the newsletter is the best way to keep up on Hidden Power developments. To subscribe to the newsletter and/or blog, choose from the following options:

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Current and Past Issues

Issue Date Download Note
16 December, 2006 Volume 16 FREE Hidden Power for Elements 5, Dynamic Images for Elements 4 and 5, Infrared and Custom B&W for Elements 4 and 5, Hidden Power courses on, The new Blog, and MORE!
15 March, 2006 Volume 15 Hidden Power for Elements 4, The New 100 Tool Hidden Power Toolset, Hidden Power Image Workflow Classes, Curves for Elements 4, Buying an Image Editing Computer, Buying a digital Camera, and much more!
14 May, 2005 Volume 14 New Infrared tool, Bud's Frames, Running Actions white paper, mid-range digital camera suggestion, and much more!
13 February, 2005 Volume 13 The Hidden Power of Photoshop Elements 3
12 November, 2004 Volume 12 Photoshop Elements 3 Released
11 May, 2004 Volume 11 The New Dynamic Image Tool!!
10 March, 2004 Volume 10 New tools on the way...
9 January, 2004 Volume 9 Get HEALING this month!
8 November, 2003 Volume 8  
7 October, 2003 Volume 7  
6 September, 2003 Volume 6 Missed August issue.
5 July, 2003 Volume 5  
4 June, 2003 Volume 4 Missed May issue.
3 April, 2003 Volume 3  
2 March, 2003 Volume 2  
1 February, 2003 Volume 1