7 Blogs To Follow For Photoshop Enthusiasts

7 Blogs To Follow For Photoshop Enthusiasts

Getting to know Photoshop is like fully embracing the gift that keeps on giving! For those who really love this software, and want to know more about it, the internet is riddled with blogs written by enthusiasts. They are filled with tips and tricks, advice and ideas, and discoveries and tutorials. In these blogs, users can find answers to most any question they might have, in addition to ideas on how to do things they may not have even thought of. The following are some of the top blogs in the world for those interested in digital design.

2015-09-20 22_10_56-Tuts+ Free Design & Illustration Tutorials

One of the best sites in the world is likely Psdtuts+


Their tutorials not only publish excellent graphics and effects, they also go one step further in explaining to readers the techniques used to create these graphics. They also disseminate this information in a friendly, easy-to-understand, approachable manner. This is perhaps one of the main reasons it is so widely regarded, and heavily subscribed to. There are also a number of blogs for kids making this a great site for the entire family.

There is a web magazine, DesignInstruct (www.designinstruct.com), that deals specifically with distributing information on tips and tricks for digital design enthusiasts. There are high-quality tutorials that are created by some of the best artists and designers from the world over. There is a list on the landing page of interesting facts, developments and advice, posted by different users. This is the place to come to learn about some of the latest trends as well.

2015-09-20 22_11_09-PSDFAN - Adobe Photoshop Tutorials, Design Articles and Resources



is a site completely dedicated to tutorials, articles, freebies and advice. The menu bar across the top of the landing page includes a link for downloads. Here visitors will find a number of icons, vectors, brushes, wallpaper, patterns and other items of interest for use with Photoshop. For users that are looking for a large community of Photoshop users to learn from, they can visit www.worth1000.com to find great tutorials, and clear explanations of several of the latest techniques. This is also the top creative contest site in the world. They run numerous creative contests every day, filling the site with new content and creations daily. It is a good place to go to learn, but to also get exposure.

2015-09-20 22_11_18-Blog _ WeGraphics

Using software like Adobe’s Photoshop often times leaves users in need of a consolidated place where they can find resources as they become more familiar with using the software. At WeGraphics (http://wegraphics.net/blog/), there are a number of resources as well as tips-and-tricks and tutorials available. They also have a community art project where several people work together to push boundaries, creating art that does not necessarily fulfill any particular utilitarian purpose. This is just a group project where they are making art for the sake of art.

2015-09-20 22_11_26-photoshop _ Abduzeedo Design Inspiration


(http://abduzeedo.com/tags/photoshop) is another blog where users can go if they are looking for inspiration. This blog is all about design. There are also a number of tutorials for the most widely-used applications including a special section of the site that is dedicated strictly to Photoshop. Finally Webdesigntuts (http://webdesign.tutsplus.com/) is a blog that is designed to deliver some of the best design tutorials from all around the web. They search out the best information, and deliver it here on their site.

These are the top 7 blogs from around the net, sure to keep most any Photoshop enthusiast fully informed.